The Huntington University theatre department opened the month of September with “The Birds” by Conor McPherson. It is based on a short story by Irish dramatist Daphne du Maurier. The play was directed by Jay Duffer and was presented in the Studio Theatre of the Merillat Center for the Arts on September 20-22 and 27-29.
“The Birds” is a thriller and contemporary play that takes place in the present in New England. After an inexplicable attack of birds against humans, three strangers find themselves staying in a small cabin by a lake. The play was not recommended for children under 13 years old since the it featured scary moments and loud noises.
The introduction of each character brought more suspense to the play.
I went to see the second performance on September 21. I found myself looking forward to the play since I had heard good comments about it the night before. Suspense is not typically my favorite genre, but seeing the play changed my mind.
The director did a great job; I liked every aspect of the play. It started with a dark, suspenseful opening, and at one point, I found myself feeling like I was part of the play.
With each scene, I was curious about what would happen next. The introduction of each character brought more suspense to the play since the characters did not know each other. Trust played a key role in the characters’ survival, but could they really trust each other? Soon they discovered that they themselves could be more dangerous than the birds outside.
Questions crossed my mind during the performance, and I had to be open-minded to try and figure it out what was going to happen next. Most of the time, the next scene was unexpected, and the characters’ actions made me question their words. Some of the spectators were at the edge of their seats waiting for the outcome.
If you are a thriller lover, you would have loved this play. The theatre department did a great job, and it was worth watching. If I have the opportunity to watch “The Birds” again, I will.