Twelve years ago, a group of Huntington University international students approached a Spanish teacher. They wanted to gather together and start a bible study group, which was held in Saint Peter’s First Community Church. It was called “A lo nuestro,” which is a Spanish translation of “to our.”  The activities and services are published on their Facebook page, “A lo nuestro,” every week. The group usually gathered late in the evening, since most of them had work. Besides the international students on campus, only Mexicans of the town attended the Bible study.

Twelve years later, a worship service started on August 13 in College Park Church, based on the small bible study formed by the international college students. It was named “El Puente,” which is Spanish for “the bridge.” Now, people gather together to be a part of this service, and some of them are from the original Bible study group “A lo nuestro.” Since the service is run by the people who attend it, there is no specific person in charge.

The service is promoted through the TAB, which is a newspaper that goes to every household in Huntington county. It has also been promoted through pastors from other churches.

People are filled with excitement every Monday evening at 7:00 pm, hoping that the worship service can grow and reach out to more Hispanics in need of listening to the word of God and worshipping Him. It started with a small number of people, and it is slowly growing.

There is a number of volunteer opportunities available: taking care of children, helping set up, and mostly assisting with technology and singing. There is a piano available for those who want to play songs to open the service each Monday service, and for those who want to sing and have a guitar, you are welcome to bring it with you. If you are willing to help, do not hesitate to contact College Park Church at 260-356-2642.

Having a Hispanic Service is a blessing for those in the county who can’t attend church because of the language barrier. This is a great opportunity for those Spanish speakers who want to attend worship services and for those who are willing to help them on their journey.