Over the summer, Huntington University installed a new internet network in the residence halls. Unlike Resnet, our internet service provider in past semesters, the new network allows students to be helped directly and receive full service. The log-in system is simpler than before, as students only have to connect to the “HU Student” Wi-Fi by putting in the password.

There were small issues during the new network’s installation in early July. The access points were misplaced, and HU corrected them as soon as they could.

“Part of what we did — we actually replaced all the network and equipment in the residence halls,” said Adam Skiles, director of Information and Technology Services. “Most of the maintenance was done during the installation and implementation.”

As fall semester started, HU experienced issues with connectivity, mostly with streaming and gaming.

Those who stayed on campus during the summer did not experience issues with their internet connection compared to when until around when the semester started.

“It was fast because I was one of the only people here,” said Charlie Lowery, a film student who worked on campus during the summer, “but ever since people started to come on campus, then it started to fill up It’s been pretty nonexistent.”

In some cases, students have had trouble connecting their devices to the Wi-Fi at all and consulted IT Services. These students received additional wireless devices in order to connect their devices to the internet.

While we were still having issues with the internet connectivity, IT Services sent emails to notify the students of maintenance windows, and students reacted differently to these inconveniences. While some students felt frustration, others were really supportive of the efforts made to improve the Wi-Fi.

“Because I work with the IT Services, I know how dedicated they are,” said Jemimah Obileye, an animation student. “Whenever they send messages, I feel reassured that they care.”

The internet problem was planned to be resolved as soon as possible.

On Tuesday, September 20, Adam Skiles sent an email notifying students of the adjustments being made to the internet services. The problem was related to the firewall, and after some adjustments, the problem was resolved. Tests were performed in order to make sure that the connectivity was working.  IT Services worked hard to fix the problem, and we can see that their hard work paid off.