Tattoos are an amazing form of art in which the human becomes the canvas and even become a walking art gallery over time. Many people don’t see the beauty in tattoos, so this column was made to shine light on them and their beauty.

In today’s issue of “HU Tattoos,” we are shining a spotlight on Q Worthy, a senior film major here at Huntington University. Worthy has the total of four tattoos.

He got his first tattoo when he was 18 years old on his right shoulder. The tattoo is a skull symbolizing his favorite character, Boba Fett, who is in a clan of bounty hunters from Star Wars.

His favorite tattoos are the ones on his hands. These tattoos are also from Star Wars. They symbolize peace and power. Worthy believes that these symbols were important because you need peace and power in life.

His tattoos are dominantly from Star Wars, as he is a very big fan of the films. But his tattoos are special for another reason. When he watched the Star Wars films, he took away deeper meanings to the fundamentals of life and inspiration of his life’s calling in filmmaking and photography.

Worthy also has plans for future tattoos. His next tattoo, which he says will be his favorite one, is going to be of the spider from the film Spider-Man, which he plans to get on his chest. He said he is also a huge fan of Spider-Man because the hero inspires him to be strong physically, strong-willed and high spirited.

He also plans to get a neck tattoo that says “Worthy Visuals,” the name of the production company he owns that specializes in filmmaking and photography. He wants to get this tattoo because the creation and ownership of his production company is one of his proudest accomplishments.

If you want to see some amazing photos by Worthy, follow his account on Instagram (@worthyvisuals). The next time you see Worthy on campus, check out his tattoos.

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