“HU Cribs” is a column that will cover the dorms of HU that are nicely-decorated. Today’s issue features Adrianna McNab, a sophomore here at HU. As the RA of Livingston first, she was lucky enough to get her own, and she loves it.
Mostly, she enjoys the freedom to decorate her room however she chooses. Adrianna says her theme is “yellow and summery.” Her favorite color is yellow, and she loves keeping things bright like summer days.
McNab’s love for yellow and bright colors can be seen through her choice of decorations. She has huge sunflowers and other pretty yellow accessories just about everywhere in her room.
Most of her decoration were recycled from stores like Marshalls and Target. She also has a huge, cute monkey in her room that was gift from her boyfriend, Robert. Her favorite decorations are the yellow flowers Robert leaves for her every week.
Her other favorite part of her room is her bed. She loves it because it is big and comfortable, and it takes up most of her room. The closest thing McNab has to a roommate is Boopie, her cute pink fish. She bought Boopie at Walmart here in Huntington.
McNab’s room is bright and summery. If you know McNab, then you know that her bright room reflects her sunny personality and shining smile.
If you know someone who has a cool dorm room, please feel free to email at mccoyk2@huntington.edu.