The way an individual must accomplish being a freshman at Huntington University is as follows.
You must get locked out of your room, at least once. Wiggling the handle isn’t going to do anything but draw more attention. One must suck up their pride and go to the RA. Trust me, they understand.
You must ask the nice library ladies how to work the printers, because let’s face it—no one knew how to do that.
One must journey to the infamous Uncle Bill’s to relieve all the stress of impending doom and play with a puppy for a while…or for the whole day.
There are also the mandatory Walmart runs after move-in because you forgot the command hooks, and the water bottles, and the Cheetos, and the…well, you get the point.
Another must is, of course, Antiqology. The collection of cute knick-knacks and bottles stacked floor to ceiling is the layout, but the real reason people journey the five minutes into town is for their outstanding ice cream and wide variety of soda flavors.
Once done getting ice cream, just a few stores down is your next stop, Turn the Page Record and Book Shop. They have every book from Harry Potter to Stephen King novels. They also have a wide variety of records for all those old souls out there (or just to spice up your Instagram feed with artsy record photos). Either way, Turn the Page is a great place to find all sorts of media for you to enjoy, from records, to books, to DVDs and CDs.
The last place you must try as an HU freshman, or a sophomore that’s never been, is Pizza Junction. This old train station that was converted into a pizza place is the perfect way to end a stressful day.
Any way you want to do it, it’s fun to explore the campus and town around us, from the ice cream places to the puppy places.