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REVIEW: ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ the definition of a ‘must-see’

By Bray Snyder

You shouldn’t always believe movie hype. One of the worst feelings is to go into a movie and come out disappointed.

“Avengers: Infinity War” is one of those few movies that has the ability to blow you away.

“Infinity War” is a movie that relies on you having seen most of the Marvel movies before it, but who hasn’t? The movie doesn’t function as a standalone film because it’s greatest strength is what has been done before it. Most movies spend their beginnings on world building, but even at two hours and forty minutes, this saga doesn’t spend any time on that. Instead, the movie jumps right into the action. And it doesn’t disappoint.

Without having to spend much time on hero development, the movie can weave four separate sub-plots together without being overwhelming. We’ve already gotten to know these characters, but there’s one character that the average moviegoer might not know anything about — Thanos, the villain to end all villains. Some movies go for the “evil because of past trauma” stereotype. Others opt for a more “I’m evil because I’m evil” motivation. Thanos is actually a great villain, especially if you know nothing about him coming in to the movie. His character is developed throughout the course of the story told on-screen, and by the end of the film, I actually began to sympathize with him.

All characters suffer loss in this film, as can be expected. The movie still offers villains that, for the first time in a while, made me feel powerless for the heroes. Superhero flicks have been criticized for having un-beatable characters until one of the decides to win because the story demands it. “Infinity War” makes the viewer feel helpless and demonstrates a mastery of captivating an audience. Trust me. You will be captivated.

Don’t come in expecting a standard three-act story, either. If you’ve heard fans and friends raving about the “crazy ending,” close your ears and experience it yourself. I won’t say anything other than it’ll be unexpected.

To clarify, “Infinity War” is a fantastic movie. In a year with a movie like “A Quiet Place,” this movie still stands out and is a must-see.


Bray Snyder is a sophomore broadcasting major. This review reflects the opinion of the author only.

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