Dairy Queen, Zesto, and Antiqology are three ice cream places in Huntington that offer a variety of shakes, sundaes, and specialty desserts. Here’s a breakdown of what each store is known for and where they stack in comparison.

Dairy Queen:

Dairy Queen is known for their “Blizzards,” which is ice cream in cups with customizable toppings, such as candy, fruit, and chocolate or caramel syrup. However, if you are a fan of traditional flavors, you can still find vanilla and chocolate. The one downside? You don’t have options when it comes to cone flavor, as they are only available in one type.

Have you heard of the Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Blizzard? It has a peanut butter taste with pieces of cookie dough. Its consistency is smooth and milky.

What about the Raspberry Cheesecake Blizzard? If you are fan of eating fruity ice cream, you are going to love it. It also has a smooth consistency with bits of raspberries and cheesecake.

If you decide to have ice cream at Dairy Queen, try a Blizzard and not a traditional cone. The other two ice creams, it has a smooth consistency, but when it comes to flavors, it tastes more like milk than the flavor. (what??)

Dairy Queen is a good place to hangout if you want grilled food and dessert.


Walking downtown and want ice cream? Go to Antiqology! If you want to try interesting flavors, I encourage you to stop by. Antiqology is known for its vintage environment and is a good place to hang out with one or two friends because you can buy soda or candies, too.

You can decide on whether to have a bowl, waffle cone or a small cone. Antiqology’s flavors are unique. Have you ever tried or heard of Cinnamon Churro ice cream? You can really taste the cinnamon its churro toppings. Its consistency is thick, not milky.

If you are fan of chocolate mixed with other flavors, then I recommend you try the Eskimo Kisses ice cream. But if you are looking for traditional ice creams, such as chocolate or vanilla, the vanilla ice cream is thick and smooth, not milky like Dairy Queen’s.


The closest ice cream place from HU is Zesto. It has an open environment where you can enjoy your ice cream outside on a warm day with your friends. Zesto is known for the “Razzles,” which are similar to Blizzards in that they are ice cream mixed with different flavored toppings.

Have you heard of Cake Batter Razzle? It has a smooth and thin consistency with a milky and powdery cake taste. The traditional vanilla ice cream has a milky texture and is smooth and thin, but has enough flavor so you can taste more of the vanilla than the milky flavoring. You can decide on the size and type of cone you want.


In my opinion, the winner of the ice cream battle is Antiqology. Besides it being a nice, small place to hang out, their flavors and consistency won against Zesto and Dairy Queen with a total knockout. In second place is Zesto. It is closer to the campus and has a nice, open atmosphere. In third place is Dairy Queen. Its thin, milky taste couldn’t win against Antiqology and Zesto.