The Foresters’ baseball season began on February 16 all the way down in Georgia. The Foresters traditionally venture down south to take on some of their best opponents of the season in the hopes of increasing their competitiveness at home, and maybe even to bring back warmer weather.

And if you’ve been on campus this spring, you know they didn’t succeed in the latter.

The Foresters’ season opener was scheduled for March 6. Getting close to the game, the weather actually began to slightly warm up. Fans and players were expectant of some good baseball weather, even if it meant bundling up a little bit at Forest Glen Park. Instead, the warmer March weather meant a whole lot of rain that week. The season opener was cancelled outright, and the next “season opener” was scheduled for March 13, seven days after.

Once again, rain mixed with snow made the field impossible to play on. Somehow, the first two games of the season came and went without stepping foot on one of the nicest fields in the Crossroads League.

“It was not what we were expecting at all,” Coach Mike Frame said. “Some seasons, you have a little bit of weather, but we were getting into April and still getting snow. And that’s hard for the guys.”

Coach Frame has been on the field for much of his life, but this season was something different.

Finally, March 23 came, and the Foresters played their season-opening double-header against Grace College. The weather was cold, the wind was strong and spring break had taken a chunk out of the fans. But the game was played, and the home season was underway. The single nine game of the series was cancelled as well, due to weather the following day. But the Foresters got two games in, and that was something.

“It’s hard because you have a rhythm that you try to get into, and all the weather and stuff takes you out of it,” Donovan Clark, a transfer outfielder for the Foresters, said. “We can be in the gym all week, but when you’re expecting a big game and then it gets moved back or cancelled, and then you got to go on the road the same week, it can be hard.”

April 3, a Tuesday nine-inning game against Cleary University, saw another cancellation due to inclement weather. The Foresters’ away schedule became as convoluted as their home one. Games were being rescheduled right and left while the days counted down until the end of April. Conference games were pushed back, but almost every scheduled game was made up at Forest Glen Park.

The Foresters have finished the regular season and are preparing for the Crossroads League Tournament, which will take place from May 4 to May 8.