Spring characterizes itself by the strong winds, non-stop rain and the transition from cold to warmer weather. As it moves through different stages, people try to dress according to what the day brings.

Senior Mark Lewandowski said something essential for everyone’s wardrobe is white leather sneakers.

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WHITE IS BEST: Mark Lewandowski shows how white sneakers are meant to be worn. (Photo provided by Mark Lewandowski.)

“I think they go well with anything,” Lewandowski said, “which is a big contrast to brighten up the outfit, which I think is key.”

Whenever Lewandowski plans his outfit for the day, which most of them are just spontaneous, he starts from the top and makes his way down, sometimes even starting with the shoes. He said shoes are the starting point of whether he’s going casual or a bit more dressed up.

Lewandowski said fashion rules are meant to be broken, but it also depends on which ones.

“A rule I would never break is probably fitting clothing,” he said. “I think understanding [how] clothing fit is important because people want to see what you wear suits your style and your body type. I buy pieces that fit me [and] go well with my body shape – it’s a rule [that] should never be broken.”

Though he thinks fashion is flexible, something he doesn’t think is an “it” item are rain jackets.

“I think it’s an unflattering fashion piece,” he said. “I think if you’re on to wear a rain jacket, it should be more subtle. Maybe a trench coat would be a lot more appropriate [or] something that [isn’t] obvious that it’s a rain jacket.”

He said the jacket should be a piece that elevates the outfit, not diminishes what the person is wearing just because it’s raining. So, if the weather is not helping, Lewandowski advised to just grab an umbrella.

When asked about wearing socks with crocs, he said he is not fan.

“Oh my gosh … no, no, no.” he said. “I don’t think those are appropriate any time of the day, especially with sandals, too.”

Junior Jemimah Obileye said something that shouldn’t be done under any circumstance is pattern-on-pattern.

“If you wear print, you can rock it,” Obileye said. “But don’t go, like, cheetah-skin leggings with [a] zebra jacket. It can be a very nice touch to your outfit, but not the whole outfit.”

NO JEANS ALLOWED: Jemimah Obileye poses with some loose black trousers and pairs it up with a faux fur brown coat. (Photo by Laura Caicedo.)

Obileye said that when planning an outfit, people should consider the colors of the season. For spring, she advises bright colors that aren’t too bright since it’s not summer yet — mainly pastels, whites and soft colors without going overboard will be fine.

“Try some cute, light blazers, nice off-shoulder tops and maybe some trousers to go with it.” she said when asked about tips for spring fashion. “Try non-jeans bottoms this spring. I think it will be very fashionable ’cause not many people will dress like that. Be different, and it’s a new spring, so new you!”

Senior Hannah Britton also said ‘being out there’ is something people should consider more often when thinking and talking about fashion. She said if someone doesn’t feel confident about an outfit or thinks it’s too “bold,” they should own it.


BIG HOOPS AND FLOWERS: Hannah Britton shows her favorite, non-replaceable jean jacket and accompanies it with some big, silver hoop earrings. (Photo provided by Hannah Britton.)

“I was wearing some pumps and socks the other day,” Britton said, “and I was like, ‘I don’t know if this is a thing.’ But you know what? If someone’s like, ‘Hey, how’s it going? I like your outfit,’ I’m not going to act like I’m unsure about it. I’m just going to be like, ‘Thank you, I appreciate that. I actually tried really hard.’”

Britton’s advice is “if you’re going to wear it, own it.”