The time has finally come — spring break. We are starting to get the taste of freedom and relaxation. So what is the best way to prepare? Buy a new swimsuit!

Zaful is a new app and website that has been popping up on my social media accounts for the past few weeks. The website has a variety of fashionable suits for a low price. It offers affordable prices that can allow college-aged girls to get suits that others wouldn’t have.

I wanted to see if some girls at HU are using this app and what kind of swimsuit they would get.

Here is what they said:

Q: Have you heard of this website before? If so, where?

Addalyn Patrick: No, I haven’t.

Katherine Bennett: Yes, I have seen ads for it come up on my Facebook feed all the time. Also, I believe that Pandora has commercials for it as well.

Toby Carman: I haven’t heard of this website before, but it looks amazing.

Marty Harris:  Yes, I have seen this website advertised on my Instagram.

Q: What do you look for in a bathing suit — would you prefer it to look good in an Instagram picture or for it to be comfortable?

A.P.: I am looking for comfort without terrible tan lines. I normally try to go with something cute, but isn’t yet “trendy.”

K.B.:  Most importantly, I look for something that I will be comfortable in and covers everything that I don’t want everyone seeing. Then, I look for colors that will make me look tan and go well with my skin tone.

T.C.: I look for something that compliments me, but [is] also active and comfortable. No one wants to be fixing their swimsuit all day.

M.H.: I want a little bit of both. I want a suit that is cute, but something I can swim or play volleyball in.

Q: What are you doing for spring break, and are you going to buy a new swimsuit?

A.P.: I’m going to Hilton Head with some friends. No, I won’t be buying one because I am on a wedding budget.

K.B.: I am going to Daytona Beach, Florida with a couple of my friends, and I will definitely buy at least one new suit for the trip.

T.C.: I am actually not going anywhere for spring break, but I did buy a new suit because treat yourself. Also, I lost my favorite one, so I needed a new one anyways.

M.H.: I’m going to Kentucky for softball, but you can never have too many swimsuits!