ATHLETIC AND READY: Junior Kathleen Morrcal dresses according to the weather and her schedule. (Photo by Morgan Miller)

Let’s get real — we are in the middle of two seasons, and it can be tragic in multiple different ways. The weather is changing drastically everyday, the allergies are bad, and even worse — planning outfits is not easy. The temperature changes at least 20 degrees from the time you walk to your 8 a.m., and when you walk to chapel, well, it feels like that, anyways.

I got in contact with several girls on campus to inspire those people who have a hard time figuring out how to look comfy, cute and cozy for this in-between season.

Freshman Kennedy Krull says her favorite thing to wear is flannels because they are comfy and cute at the same time. They also can go with anything. You can get a number of different types of flannels — Walmart has some great ones in the men’s selection — or if you’re lucky, at Goodwill.

MATCHING IS THE KEY: Sophomore Hannah Williams poses with a cup of coffee that matches perfectly with her outfit. (Photo by Morgan Miller)

With the weather getting more chilly than ice cold, thinner leggings and holey jeans are coming back out. These are easy to pair with a hoodie, vest, or long-sleeved t-shirt. Nothing is worse than being uncomfortable at this time of year, so wear what you think is comfortable and put your own spin to it.

Sophomore Sara Baumgartner thinks it is the best time to wear her Crocs with socks.

COZINESS AT ITS BEST: Sophomore Sarah Baumgartner gives us a ‘how-to’ on Crocs and socks. (Photo by Morgan Miller)

“Crocs are an easy way to be different and original with an outfit,” she said. “Also, they are ice, rain and snow resistant.”

“Athleisure” wear is a hot trend this season, so pair a cute jacket with a hoodie and some tennis shoes. It will turn any outfit into something that you will want to post on Instagram.

These are some easy tips to help with giving the impression that you didn’t just wake up a few minutes before your class. Just like on ‘Phineas and Ferb,’ “S’Winter” will not last long.