The new MGMT album, ‘Little Dark Age,’ is a reminder that this quirky and electronic band still has more to say. After five years since their last release, this album may be saying more of the same with a few reassuring messages.

Andrew Van Wyngarden and Ben Goldwasser produce more predictable indie synth beats that may not live up to previous album releases. The song “She Works Out Too Much” features several exercise video samples and seems to be the dialogue between an overachieving girlfriend and her unenthusiastic love interest. Unfortunately, I found it to be the least relevant of the new selections. But, songs like ‘James’ and ‘Me and Michael’ are at the top with their encouraging, upbeat tone and sense of direction.

I was looking for hits that resemble top chart releases from previous albums, such as “Kids” and “Electric Feel.” It seems that MGMT was looking for less of a pop approach and more of a covert indie impression. I listened to dream-like ambiance sounds from “Hand It Over.” The nostalgic feel of the song made it one of my favorites and peaked my interest in the different vibe MGMT was producing.

Overall, I would give this album a 3.5 out 5 stars. There are shining moments throughout the album which become saturated with less sincere songs that seem to be trying too hard to fit a narrative contrary to what earned them their fan base.

Janelle Wilcox is a senior graphic design major. This reflects the view of the author only.