In a world where Spider-Man is played by three different actors across three different franchises, a lot of moviegoers argue that superhero movies have lost their luster. After all, seven of these films will hit theatres in 2018 alone, and most will fail to offer anything beyond the larger-than-life plotlines and awesome explosions we’re all expecting.

That is why “Black Panther” is a real game-changer.

Opening in theaters last week, Marvel’s latest film has already garnered considerable praise from critics and audiences alike. Chadwick Boseman stars in the film as T’Challa, a novice African king who must use his strength as the Black Panther to protect his nation and the world from the wrath of a murderous enemy.

Audiences get to explore the fictional African country of Wakanda, a technologically-advanced paradise that is mesmerizing to see on the silver screen. Its colors are vibrant, its gadgets are sweet and every detail of its culture plays homage to the rarely-appreciated melting pot of African lifestyle. Even the film’s epic music heightens these effects, giving the entire movie a rich, polished flavor unalike that of any previous Marvel film.

The only thing more memorable than the cast’s awesome costumes are the actors and actresses themselves, each of whom leaves a distinct mark on the movie as whole. Boseman exceeds expectations in his portrayal of Hollywood’s first major black superhero, presenting a role model who will undoubtedly inspire children of all colors everywhere. Michael B. Jordan plays Erik Killmonger, a no-nonsense antagonist with whom the audience can’t help but sympathize with. Letitia Wright brings the laughs as the Black Panther’s techy little sister Shuri, and “The Walking Dead”’s Danai Gurira plays a spear-wielding warrior whose mettle rivals that of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman.

There is never a dull moment in “Black Panther.” The fight scenes are intense, the visuals are spellbinding and the plot points are clever. In short, this film is just a blast to watch. It has two post-credit scenes and sets the stage for Marvel’s next film, “Avengers: Infinity War.” Regardless of that film’s success, though, “Black Panther” has already distinguished itself in the crowded superhero film genre as something both entertaining and fresh.

Michael Lehman is a freshman journalism major. This review reflects the opinion of the author only.