I had no built-up expectations for the film “Justice League” when stepping into the theatre, except that I wanted it to be an entertaining superhero movie. However, the film solidified my preference for Marvel over DC.

The plot was disjointed and too confusing to follow. Because there were several different characters, there were also several different storylines to try and keep up with. Instead of these scenes becoming a cohesive body, they fell flat when trying to stand on their own. The script was lacking, and the dialogue between characters made them hard to relate to. In fact, the whole film felt a bit like the knock-off version of the X-men combined with the Avengers. The movie was intended to be an origin story of sorts, but it ends up just being a dull CGI villain and his army of demon bugs chasing after a few blocks that contain power. Exciting stuff.

In the end, good prevails over bad and there is nothing that is surprising to the viewer. My advice to you? Watch the box office hit, “Wonder Woman” (2017) instead of “Justice League” if you are looking to see a memorable DC movie.


Janelle Wilcox is a senior graphic design major. This review reflects the view of the author only.