As we’re nearing winter weather, “Snowman” was a movie that I was looking forward to. After all, how exciting does Michael Fassbender in a murder mystery sound? But after listening to a few commentaries on the trailers that came out for the movie (and watching them myself), I was more psyched to go watch a bad movie. And that’s pretty much what it was. The Rotten Tomatoes score has been in the single digits since it released, and it has settled at 8 percent now. I think the failings of the movie are threefold.

First, “Snowman” was based on the terrifying bestseller by the same name. Turning books into movies is always hard, but we’ve seen it done by directors such as JJ Abrams, Peter Jackson, and Catherine Hardwicke. The problem is always deciding how to keep the story essentially the same, but make it for an audience that hasn’t read the book before. I haven’t read the original book, but I can say that the movie felt jumbled up and lacked direction.

Second, it was sloppily put together. I’m a broadcasting major, and I’m friends with quite a few film students. Never in a 1000 years would we see editing done as poorly and lazily as in this movie. There were times where the audio didn’t match a person as they were talking, and it was especially clear when one of the minor characters was on screen. It came across as if he had ditched the movie, but the editors still didn’t have good audio or video that matched, and then just ran with it anyways.

This brings me to the final point. How do you blow such a top-notch group of actors and give them crappy dialog and expect to have a good movie. Along with difficulty following names and places, the dialog is cringe-worthy. I encourage you to go watch it just to see how funny it is. And this is from the new Magneto, someone who we know can act well when given good dialog and direction.

And even as I rag on the movie, I realize that I might have a passion for bad movies that hit theaters, much like this one. And with a movie that has made $35 million worldwide with a $35 million budget, I think it needs every penny it can get.