Genevieve Alexander is an Arizona native who lives in the apartment in Miller basement with her husband, David Alexander, professor of philosophy, and her son, Julian. You might not know this, but she runs her own photography business out of that small apartment on campus.

Genevieve grew up in a family who left little to no photographs from her childhood. She made it her personal mission that when she got married, she would start taking pictures and save memories. She would first take all of her photos of her family with a small disposable camera and place them albums, which sounds like the Internet-ness version of Instagram.

She soon got interested in scrapbooking. She said that her layout and design in the books looked pretty, but her pictures did not, so she got into photography. This is where her love of photography began. She took a few classes, got a big girl camera and started taking pictures that matched her sense of design. Genevieve loves hanging outside, but prefers being by the mountains or the beach.

Her Instagram page features different scenery, like her time in India, China, Arizona and South Carolina. The coloring of her photos are always changing with the seasons, which is so aesthetically pleasing. Genevieve strives to give a natural beauty to all of her photos that are fun and easy to look at. She has found inspiration through her Bible, magazines and in different motion films and the angles they use to capture the characters.

Her photography has grown over the years, and it is all because of the way she captures people behind the lens.

“My goal is to capture people’s real beauty, joy and life,” she said. “Also, to highlight those things in such a way that observers are able to see them too.”

If you would like some photographs taken by Genevieve, check out her Instagram: @genalexander and her Facebook page: Genevieve Alexander Photography.