Photo by Josiah Wilson

What do bananas, flames, jeans and grapes all have in common? Nothing, unless they are the four teams in the 2017 Olympiad!

HU Bananas (Roush 3rd, Miller/Meadows, Baker 1st/2nd), Fire (Roush 1st, Livingston 3rd, Hardy 1st/Basement, and Wright 2nd), Denim (Hardy 3rd, Baker 2nd, Livingston 1st, Wright 1st, Roush 2nd) and the Planet of the Grapes (Livingston 2nd, Wright 3rd, Hardy 2nd, Forester Village/commuters) went head-to-head for four days of intense competition to claim victory of the 24th HU Olympiad.

Each team registered at least five wins throughout the event, and each team won at least one of the major events. HU Bananas took the men’s Fear Factor title, Fire took home the synchronized swimming title, Denim started off strong by winning the flag presentation and the Planet of the Grapes won the A Capella competition and the ladies’ Fear Factor. Overall, the Planet of the Grapes finished with 15 total wins, followed by HU Bananas with 12, Denim registered 11, and Fire ended with 7.

The most anticipated event of the games, Synchronized Swimming, lived up to its billing. The purple team started with a solid performance that landed them in third. They were followed by the blue team, who, even though they only had three performers, made a big splash. They had the crowd screaming the whole time, however, they found themselves in fourth place. The yellow team, with the help of banana props and their well-choreographed dance moves, secured second place. The final act of the night by the red team proved to be the winner. As they danced inside the pool with giant smiles on their faces, the crowd roared.

From the opening ceremonies until the announcement of the winners, the tension was palpable and the adrenaline flowed among teams. The amount of pride college students can have in a team for four days is insane. No team dared to budge an inch. Every team had their highs and lows, sharing the victory love and making it difficult to know who was in the lead. The contest winners varied back and forth until the final results were declared.

The Planet of the Grapes were the victors of the 24th annual Olympiad, followed by Denim in second, HU Bananas in third, and Fire rounding it off in fourth

What some say is the the most anticipated event at HU will return next October with more competition, more heart and (hopefully) an even louder megaphone.