Powderpuff, one of Huntington’s beloved traditions, is in full season. Each team is composed of female students and has a coach and mascot. This year’s tournament is hosted by the Student Activities Board. They spend time composing brackets and ensuring a smooth sail for the games.

On Sunday, September 24, the 2017 Powderpuff Kickoff was held at the football field at Huntington North High School. The night began with the mascot competition, where “The Golden Girls” of Hardy 1st took home the gold (pun intended)! After the mascot competition, Roush 3rd won the first game against Hardy 1st, followed by a victory for Hardy 3rd against Roush 2nd.

Since HU lacks a football team, the powderpuff competition is taken very seriously. Practices are held throughout the week to prepare for the upcoming games and events. SAB tallies spirit points for Olympiad during this time, so students must be prepared to express their passion for the game.

Senior Emma Reese recalled fond memories of powderpuff during her time at HU.

“I always love Powderpuff,” she said. “It’s one of my favorite things that is done by SAB. I am super excited for it this year.”

Savannah Olsen, a senior member of the Hardy 3rd team “The Chronicles of Hardy 3rd: Lucretia, Manny, and the Stairs,” explained her team’s name.

“Well, if you’ve ever been to Hardy third, then you know that [the] three flights of stairs every day really gets your leg day in every day, but it’s an essence of Hardy third.” Olsen said. “All of these are essences of Hardy third. We have Mannequin Man — Manny, as we call him — who is our floor mascot [for Powderpuff] and for everything. And then Lucretia is a Hardy third resident, who is a ghost on our floor. It’s very interesting. It’s Hardy third.”

Three games were scheduled for Tuesday the 26, two of which resulted in automatic wins in the favor of Hardy 2nd and Roush 3rd. In the third game, Roush 1st beat Livingston 2nd, 26-0. The games continued Thursday the 28 with a victory for Hardy 3rd against Meadows, an automatic win for Roush 2nd over Forester Village and Commuters and a victory for Hardy 1st over Forester Village and Commuters.

The Powderpuff Championship will be held on October 7 on the quad at 11 p.m.