By Morgan Miller, Social Media Coordinator

Photo by Morgan Miller
Photo by Morgan Miller
Photo by Morgan Miller

With a new year it brings another homecoming weekend. The weekend is one of the busiest occasions that happens on HU’s campus, but one major highlights is crowning the senior homecoming court. For girls, becoming a homecoming queen might be a lifetime dream or something to be brushed off the shoulder. This year’s homecoming queen candidates are a special group of girls, they are all good friends.

“This is a time to celebrate people and this year, no matter who gets crowned– we all win,” candidate, Millie Smith, told me. For some of the girls, this will be the first time being on a homecoming court and others are veterans, but their are no nerves present. Candidate, Hannah Britton, explained to me,” I think adrenaline will be present for an event like this. I am so excited and honored to represent my class and my university.” Anna Ruth has never been on a homecoming court, and that she is happy to be surrounded by her friends.

One of the most important things for the candidates to think about is what they are going to wear. The guys normally have it easy, but the women get to have fun. Each woman has a different personality, and their outfits will definitely represent them. “I really love the minimalist vibe of clothing, mostly solid colors. So I think like a tuxedo looking jumpsuit,” Hannah told me. Millie feels the same way, she told me that she hopes to find a jumpsuit that makes her feel like Beyonce. “I really excited because Q and I are planning on wearing all black and some kind of Superman cape,” Myra Vance said.

For all these seniors Huntington University has brought different lessons and memories. One common theme that everyone talked about was how they appreciate the relationships that they have made here on campus. “Because the campus is so small, we all come together like a community,” Anna Ruth said. For Hannah Britton her favorite memory is how accepting and welcoming everyone was when she came to HU for the first time. This place holds a huge amount of memories for everyone, and they will stay here for decades.

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