One of the most important things during college is the space that you get to relax in after a long day. Like personalities, every dorm room is different. Messy, super clean or designed with style, I went searching for the best rooms on campus. With the help of our Twitter page, we got the voice of others to find the best dorm room.

Molly Mitchell and Bianca Tisdale are sophomores that reside in Hardy Hall, and they have been inspired by the fun vibes of Hardy to create the cutest room on campus.

“I wanted our room to be welcoming and cozy to everyone who walks in,” Mitchell said.

They both came together this year for the first time and combined two people in the perfect way.

“I based my colors off of the big pink tapestry,” Mitchell explained. “It works well with my yellow bedding and it matches Bianca’s side too.”

Tisdale said they “kinda have a sky theme” because she has clouds on her bedding and a star pillow that match Mitchell’s bedding.

Both sides of their room share personal stories about the girls. Tisdale cherishes photos of her dearest friends and family. Mitchell collects different signs, drawings and gifts from her family and friends. One decoration that the roommates have in common is their ukuleles. Over J-term during their freshman year, they stayed in and learned how to play by watching YouTube videos.

The other winners are Sara Baumgartner and roommates Carly Synder and Abby Matovich, all from Livingston Hall.

I love how my room is cozy and has a comfy feeling,” Baumgartner said. “My favorite [thing] is when I turn on my fairy lights and turn the lights off. It’s so easy to fall asleep in here.”

Her room, on the first floor of Livingston, is decorated with posters and festive fairy lights.

Roommates Carly Synder and Abby Matovich, sophomores on the second floor of Livingston, describe their room as a collection of both of their personalities.

Matovich said a highlight of her room is the tapestry and rug.

“[The] rug looks like it’s from a market or something,” she said. “Nope, its from Target. We got it on sale!”

Even with limited space, a dorm room can be a way to show people’s personalities. We create new homes for ourselves without boundaries. This is the place where most of our memories are created. These are the true gateways to our minds and hearts.