Maggots and chicken strips. These two things are what students think of most when they think about Chartwells.

2016 was a year of welcomed change for students at Huntington University as the overwhelming majority were happy that Chartwells was replacing Sodexo as the sole food provider on campus. My freshman year was Chartwells’ as well, and I was a part of the student body that found the food to be pretty good. I wasn’t tainted by the memories of the previous food service, but upperclassmen routinely threw in the regular, “Hey, at least this isn’t Sodexo.” Chicken strips, yogurt, and soda became the staple of the HUB. Variety became synonymous with the DC. Rarely ever were there any mishaps with the staff, the facilities were clean, and the food was hot. Pizza, burgers, salad and cereal were always available, along with a good selection of everything else.

But this year, chicken strips have vanished, along with a good amount of variety and flexibility in the DC and HUB. Sandwich bread options are limited. Meat is sparse. And if workers run out of a certain meat for your sandwich? No replacements. Want cheddar on your Italian sandwich? No can do. Ham and bacon instead of turkey and bacon? Not an option. And paired with a lack of the fan favorite from last year — chicken strips — students complaints have risen dramatically.

Oh, and maggots. Yes, maggots. During the third week of school, Molly Mitchel and Bianca Tisdale found a maggot in their broccoli on two separate occasions. Pictures show two definite larvae inside of the vegetables.

So if your head is itching, you’re not alone. And many students are scratching their heads asking how we got here. Who knows, but it definitely bugs me.