SGA will be supporting a community in Mexico that recently underwent an earthquake, which has destroyed numerous towns and has left many homeless. SGA will be helping this community by accepting donations at the DC and during open dorms. The donations will be invested into the community. SGA will also be raising awareness about the hurricane that hit Puerto Rico.


Chartwells has heard students’ concerns and has addressed them to SGA. There have been multiple instances where food has not been up to the standards the student body would like to see. Chartwells has ensured that the food is always handled and prepared with care, and their primary concern is to provide safe and healthy food options to the students of Huntington University. SGA has heard students’ complaints concerning the absence of chicken strips, and Chartwells has explained that the reason behind this is due to a lack of freezer space and a limited number of fryers. SGA is looking into obtaining more freezer space and additional fryers to address this situation.


SGA is developing a small security task force to enable more thorough communication between the Huntington University campus police and the student body. This security task force is considering the installment of ID scanners on all academic buildings. The purpose of these scanners will be to allow the student body to more easily access academic buildings after they have been locked.