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Opinions: Censored intelligence

As humans we are evolving and changing from birth until the day we die; however, our four years in college are an opportunity to shape and mold the best version of ourselves, and the best way to do so is by challenging our ideas and befriending people that are not like us. College is one of the defining moments in our lives when it comes to developing social skills and learning how to think for ourselves, but what good is it to learn how to think for yourself if you can’t share it? Often we equate being outspoken with being rebellious, which are two entirely different things. Speaking something that does not align with the university’s values is not rebellious, it’s just an opinion, and different opinions should be heard to create relevant discussions. A student should not feel nervous to share their views in the classroom; a student should feel comfortable posting a status about racial injustices on social media, a student should not be shut down because they’re open about their sexuality, a student should not be nervous to write an opinion article in our newspaper. Our University should be a pillar of support for different ideas, not just the one’s that align with the community life agreement. Creating an environment where students are not comfortable sharing their opinions because they might upset our superiors is not healthy, it is not Christlike. I know this will create conversation, and I’m glad because I’m not rebellious, I’m just sharing my different opinion, as should every student.

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