My Favorite Murderer

If you’re looking for a podcast to keep you on the edge of your seat, “MFM” gives you just that. The ladies of “MFM” give weekly stories on well-known and famous murders as well as a mix of lesser-known murder stories. In addition to weekly hour-long episodes, “MFM” also provides listeners with a “minisode” each week. 5/5

Not Too Deep

YouTuber, Grace Helbig, hosts a show that follows the given title. Helbig asks her guests questions that provide a look into who they are without getting “too deep.” It’s a podcast full of laughs, humor and jokes that keeps listeners coming back for more. If you want a podcast guaranteed to make you laugh, then take a listen. 3.5/5

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Missing Richard Simmons

“MRS” is a six-episode podcast that looks into the mysterious disappearance of fitness guru, Richard Simmons. Host, Dan Taberski, talks with those closest to Simmons to find out where he went off too. This podcast sparked drama with Simmons, but did it’s duty in finding out some truth. 4/5


Each week YouTube celebrity, Tyler Oakley, and his best friend, Korey Kuhl, talk all things pop culture and update listeners on all of Hollywood’s celebrity gossip. Oakley and Kuhl also provide advice for LGBTQA+ people who may be going through rough or confusing times. This podcast also provides insight into the life of a YouTuber. 4.5/5

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What’s The Tee?

Drag queens, LGBTQA+ issues and pop culture. RuPaul Charles and Michelle Visage give listeners a behind-the-scenes look into “RuPaul’s Drag Race” to find out the drama and planning that goes on behind the curtain. Beyond drag queens, Ru and Visage provide listeners with inside into the LGBTQA+ world. Plus, it’s RuPaul. 4.5/5


“Rooted” is Huntington University’s very own podcast. The hosts from Forester Radio sit down with various leaders and students from HU to get a deeper look into their lives. If you are wanting to know more about some of the greats at HU, then “Rooted” is for you. 4/5