Living in the US these past nine months has shown me a peculiar and very relevant word that can describe the majority of people’s behavior, and that is wastefulness. You can see it everywhere on campus, really; from hearing the shower run for 5 minutes – or more, until someone steps in – to seeing mountains of food on the DC’s conveyor belt. When I asked a person why they left the sink water running for so long, they said, “This is America. You can do these kinds of things.” See, these words are very dangerous. They are ethnocentric, self-centered and just plain ridiculous. It’s 2017. I think from all the campaigns, marches and many more things advocating for consciousness concerning environmental and climatic issues, you would get the “you shouldn’t waste” part. Maybe it’s because we don’t see the effect of global warming on campus, or in our hometowns. But stats say otherwise. The US is responsible for 80 percent of the total amount of fossil fuel consumed every year (that means coal, gas, and oil), as well as being the number one polluter in the world. I’m not saying we all should now take one shower a week, turn everything off at 8 p.m., and ride a bike wherever we go. Little and easy things help create change, like turning the tap water or shower off when you are not using them. We can’t refute the facts, and we can’t blame anyone but ourselves for aiding in global warming, but what we can help with is making little bits and pieces of change on campus.