DESSERT: Enjoy a mangonat at La Michoacana. Photo by Selina Pohl

If you have a wild side and love to try new things, your options in Huntington may be dwindling as the year wraps up. While there are some fairly good food options in town, just 20 minutes away you can find multiple ethnic restaurants that are both adventurous and affordable.

La Michoacana is a restaurant on N. Wells St. in Fort Wayne that offers an array of authentic food from countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba and more.

A quaint little diner-esque location gives this family owned place just the authentic touch it needs for anyone who enjoys Latin culture. With Spanish music and television playing in the background, the environment of this place sets the tone to enjoy some of the best Latin food in Fort Wayne.

Dinner options range from tacos to tortas and enchiladas to tamales. Anyone who enjoys Latin food will surely find something that will impress them here. My personal favorite being the ‘Guatemalan tamales’ and ‘Tacos Asada [steak].’

You can top your meal off with an ice cream, as they are a ‘Paleteria [ice cream shop]’ as well. La Michoacana is known for their ‘Mangonada’ dessert, a mango-sherbert based treat topped with Chamoy sauce and spices.

La Michoacana is a must-visit for any HU student.

Another great option for someone who is looking to expand their pallet is Baan Thai, a Thai food restaurant located on N. Anthony Blvd., three minutes away from the Coliseum.

This place offers a wide variety of typical Thai dishes such as Tom Yum soup, Curry, and Pud Thai. You can even choose the level of “spiciness” desired when ordering your dish, which gives a personal touch to the food you order.

In addition to the meal, you can order one of their signature sweet drinks. I ordered the Thai coffee, which was not my favorite due to its’ high intensity of sweetness. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the Thai Tea that comes topped with cream and is a lighter, bubble tea-tasting drink.

Baan Thai is a place that you can be very ‘safe’ in your dinner choice or go ‘wild’ with the spices. You can customize the dish to suit your style while trying something new and ethnic.