This season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” the Emmy-winning television series, is projected to be the best season yet. From Lady Gaga to Ke$ha, this season is sure to give fans of the annual drag race something to look forward to. Fans of the show are used to the regulars, host RuPaul and co-host Michelle visage, but fans may not know the new queens ready to walk the runway. I’ve compiled a quick look into the front runners of this season’s drama-filled and creativity-driven season.

Aja (Photo provided).

Aja is a New York queen who is also one of the youngest to ever be cast for the show. Aja is known for avant-garde style ensembles with a heavy focus on detail. Being one of the two yougest contestants this season, Aja is not going to be looked to as much of a threat.This very factor is going to be her key to success. Aja is one to look out for this season.

Charlie Hides is the show’s first ever UK queen. Charlie is a well-known YouTube personality who often impersonates and makes paradies of the world’s biggest celebrities. Being the oldest queen to ever appear on the show, Charlie will be a threat when it comes to life experience and knowing what does and doesn’t work for her in regards to her overall character and aesthetic. Charlie Hides is in my top two for this season.

Nina Bo’nina Brown is another queen that has caught many fans’ attention. Nina is a “jack of all trades” in the world of drag. Being able to dress up as a peach one day and Harley Quinn the next gives Nina an upper hand on the rest of the competition. She isn’t bound to one look or style when it comes to weekly competitions. Ms. Brown is able to pull a look together from just about anything, and this makes her a threat from the very start of the competition.

Sasha Velour (Photo provided).

Sasha Velour is another New York queen who is promising to bring both controversial and over-the-top looks to the runway. At first glance, I didn’t see Sasha as a possible winner for this season. After seeing what Sasha can come up with on her Instagram page, my mindset completely turned around. New York queens are known for their craziness and creative abilites, and by the looks of it, Sasha will not have any problem bringing that New York stereotype to the stage this season.

Lastly, Jaymes Mansfield. Jaymes is a comedy queen with a humorous outlook on life.This strength can also be her weakness, though. Not all competition in this show require comedy, so carrying around a puppet may not be her best bet at winning. However, I always favor comedy queens and give them a fair shot at the crown. The other queens will look at Jaymes as a joke, and it will take all that the Wisconsin comedy queen has to prove them wrong.

Episodes can be watched Friday’s at 8 p.m. on VH1.