Q: How do you incorporate faith into your photography?

QW: Every night before bed or before I eat a meal, I pray to God and give thanks for the talents He has blessed me with. Whenever I go out and shoot, I trust that God will guide me and let the creativity flow within me. I always get excited knowing that the Lord has blessed me with amazing talents and a path for me to boast in His name.

Q: What are your aspirations as a photographer?

QW: As a photographer, I want to be versitile in many forms. I do not want to be limited to just one form or style of photography.

Q: What does photography mean to you?

QW: Photography means creation. Photography is capturing elemens that only I can see and bring it to the eyes of others. Being creative in ways that set myself apart from others is what my vision of photography is.

Q: What inspires you as an artist and photographer?

QW: I am inspired by other artist from all around the world. Whether it’s large or local, seeing other photographers creating better pieces than myself pushes me to work harder and be the best I can possibly be.

Q: What advice would you give to those just starting out in the field of photography?

QW: I would tell those starting out that they need to be confident and willing to learn. Do not be limited to one style of photography and do not be afraid to ask questions. Always strive for growth and development.

(Photo by Quinton Worthy)
(Photo by Quinton Worthy)

Q: How do you personally deal with a block in creativity?

QW: I deal with creative blocks by trying to keep my imagination flowing with a “what if.” “What if I do this and what would it look like?” Also, I tend to study other photographers and their styles and sculpt an idea from them.

Q: Do you see yourself doing photography after graduation? How does photography fit in with videography?

QW: After graduation I plan on continuing my talent and pursuing a career as a photographer; however, I prefer for videography to be my primary job, whereas taking pictures could still be a side job or a hobby.