Students on campus have expressed their concerns about the R-rated movie and the alcohol policies to various members of the Student Government Association (SGA).

Many of these students think these policies are outdated and unfair.

In response to these complaints, SGA is looking into updating the media and alcohol policies of the Community Life Agreement.

The current alcohol policy states that “the use of alcohol, the possession of alcohol or being under the influence of alcohol is prohibited on-campus and at all university-sponsored events. Students in the traditional undergraduate program are prohibited from using, possessing, or being under the influence of alcohol off-campus. All other members of the campus community are urged to avoid the use of alcohol off-campus and are prohibited from the following: the abusive use of alcohol, the use of alcohol in the known presence of traditional undergraduate students and the use of alcohol while representing the university.”

SGA has two possible amendments to the alcohol policy they are deciding between proposing.

One is that students who are over 21 would be allowed to drink alcohol off-campus while the university would still remain a dry campus. Another possible amendment is that students over 21 would be allowed to drink alcohol off-campus only on semester breaks, such as Christmas and summer break, but would not be allowed to do so during the course of the semester.

The current movie policy states that “Huntington University residence halls, Forester Village apartments and on-campus houses have a campus-wide policy limiting movies to G, PG or PG-13 ratings. R-rated movies have been a concern because the content of many of those movies is not compatible with the Christian standards that Huntington University supports.”

SGA is developing a proposal that would allow students to view R-rated movies and mature rated TV shows in the privacy of their dorm rooms, but keeping lounges and public places free from mature content that would disturb other students.

Panthelys Theodoracopoulos, student body president, said SGA hopes the proposed amendments will help foster spiritual growth.

“We are looking to update the media and alcohol policies in hopes of encouraging discernment and accountability while in the community [while] building a student body that holds one another accountable,” Theodoracopoulos said.

Earlier this month, SGA released a campus-wide survey concerning the student body’s opinion of the policies in question. The results of the survey are being reviewed, discussed and taken into consideration while developing the proposals.

The proposals are currently in the writing process and will be presented to administration on February 20. After that presentation, the board of trustees will review the proposals during the spring meeting in April.

Paige Winans, secretary, said she’s hopeful the proposals will be reviewed thoroughly and will be fairly considered by the administration.

“[We’ve] worked hard to ensure student concerns are represented honestly and respectfully,” Winans said. “I believe we have a good chance of seeing progress made and our requests heard.”