Huntington University is home to fifty-one internationals students from twenty-three different countries. For these students, it is not business as usually when it comes around to breaks. Even though all students would love to be home with family and friends for the holidays it is not always feasible for them to do so. It is responsibility of the Office of Multicultural student affairs to ensure that all international students are okay during the holidays, as they urge the Huntington University family to love on those who cannot be with those they love

Chantal Williams, secretary of the International Students Council at the university, states that students live as close as Canada and as far away as Nigeria, Africa. The holiday season is a prime traveling time and ticket prices can cost up to an arm and a leg. Some students can easily afford these prices but others often struggle to find the means to go home for just two weeks.

“For experience, not being able to go home for Christmas can be hard for any international student. You feel like you are missing out. You get so homesick. You miss the food, the fun, and your family. You miss everything,” said Williams.

As you get excited for the holiday season and those you get to spend it with, think of those who will not get the opportunity to be with their family or friends. Do not get caught up in the hype of the season but where possible give a smile, share a hug and lend a helping hand.

For more information contact: Anna- Kay Levy, Huntington University. Email:, Telephone number: 260-358-6713L