Keeping up his image of a sensation-seeking  and visionary artist, Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye cannot stay away from the recording studio.

The gargantuan 18-track “Starboy” follows up last year’s “Beauty Behind the Madness,” which turned the Canadian native into one of pop’s biggest stars at the time. It opens with the title track “Starboy”,  which feature Daft Punk. The song shows off Tesfaye’s ability to tell a story through song while showing off his vocal talent.

(Photo provided)
(Photo provided)

The song “Rockin'” provides opinions and ideas about taking control of the moment in a crazed and exilerating dancefloor setting. But Tesfaye brings in more emotions with his song “Die For You”.  This song creatively uses an R&B beat and tempo bring out those deeper emotions hidden in the album.

The album follows the title track for the most part, but I could also feel Tesfaye resisting a tad. It is as if he wants to be the artist he once was, but realizes that he can not be that artist again. The album balances out songs that parents could comfortably let their kids listen to. On the flip side, “Starboy” also features some songs that not every family would be comfortable with.

Tesfaye is very much trying to line himself up with and compete with pop legends throughout the ages. Unlinke many other artists in our time, Tesfaye does a great job at being inspired by his heroes without copying their sound and methods of making successful music.

“Starboy”  is the kind of album that makes one see pop music in a different light. It shines light that men can be successful pop-music artists just as well as females such as Lady Gaga and Britney Spears.