It’s official. Huntington University has been Starbucks-ed. There’s one on every urban corner, and I have to say that it’s about time Foresters got a taste of the coffee known for its green logo.

In my opinion, this cafe is a long time coming. We’re college students. We need coffee. Having it so readily available on campus pleases current students and certainly has to appeal to prospectives.

But HU’s cafe isn’t the same as your average Starbucks. The cafe, which sits where student mailboxes used to be, serves Starbucks-brand coffee with a limited menu. Students can the staples—frappuccinos, lattes, and iced coffee. A few holiday drinks, including pumpkin spice lattes and peppermint mochas, have also made the lineup.

As a coffee enthusiast, there was no better news than HU getting a Starbucks my senior year. I waited somewhat impatiently for it to open, which it did right after fall break.

So far, my experiences have been mainly positive—but not without glaring inconsistencies. I do not enjoy sugary drinks, so although I haven’t tried a frappuccino, I think most of my peers have ordered one or more and seem to be enjoying them—based on the number I see being carried across campus.

I order vanilla iced coffee, americanos, and brewed coffee the most. Iced coffee has been served to me in various forms, including hot coffee poured over ice, chilled coffee and cold brew. Some baristas are a little too generous with the vanilla syrup for my taste, but others put too little for my taste buds to detect. I’m not asking for baristas to somehow cater to my preferences. I would just like to see some consistency so I know how to adjust my order.

When I splurge at Starbucks, it typically comes in the form of a cafe mocha. I’m a chocoholic and coffee lover, so it’s the perfect marriage for me. And I have to commend the on-campus baristas’ ability to match Starbucks’ mocha. I’ve been most impressed with this drink so far.

Overall, I have really appreciated the addition to campus. It’s a large improvement from the espresso machine that sat behind the Sub Connection line in years’ past. It may not be like your conventional Starbucks, but it has a lot to offer.

The baristas are extremely friendly, and students have been blessed with many opportunities for free samples in its first month.

Unfortunately, the cafe can’t accept Starbucks gift cards, but Forester and flex dollars have come to students’ rescue. Both can be used at the still-unnamed cafe.

10 points to Chartwells for proudly serving Starbucks.