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Foresters focus on service this offseason

by Gina Eisenhut

MEAL MINISTRY: Women's soccer players Jaime Calvin, Kat Highstead and Abby Field wash dishes after helping serve dinner at

MEAL MINISTRY: Women’s soccer players Jaime Calvin, Kat Highstead and Abby Field wash dishes after helping serve dinner at New Life Ministries. (photo provided)

A few members of the HU women’s soccer team put into practice one of their university’s core values—service—this Sunday night. Six players volunteered at New Life Ministries, helping to prepare and serve a meal to community members.

After spending a season on the field serving one another, the team has been seeking chances this off-season to spread their service into the greater Huntington community.

“Service is essential,” sophomore Blaire Koomler said. “And reaching out to those who need it most is extremely important.”

Koomler, an Allen County native, said getting off campus and into the community gave her a new perspective on the city.

“Seeing the joy on the people’s faces who have called Huntington home all their lives made me appreciate the area more and makes me even more to call Huntington University my home,” she said.

The girls also bonded together through the experience.

“Serving alongside my teammates is a complete blessing,” Jaime Calvin said. “Because we are so close, this is just one more way we can spend time together while also giving back to the community that supports us so much.”

Under the director of Amanda Burge, who just wrapped up her first season as head coach, the team has renewed its focus on service. Junior Morgan McClougan said Burge has provided many opportunities for her team to invest in the community around them, preparing them for a service-focused life after graduation.

“Our team is so good at taking the initiative,” she said. “It’s a way to branch out in the community and to make a connection with each other.”

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