You just needed money and the task seemed simple — drive the truck through the night to the destination. You are not allowed to stop at any point along the drive. Once you reach your destination, you get paid with no questions asked. This seems simple enough until you fall asleep and veer off the road. You go around the truck to make sure nothing is damaged, but then you hear a girl crying. What happens next changes your life forever.

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(Photo provided)

This was just the start of For King and Country’s new movie “Priceless.” “Priceless” is about a man ,James Stevens (Joel Smallbone), who is in need of money in hopes of regaining custody of his daughter. He embarks on a cross-country delivery for cash — no questions asked. When he discovers that he is delivering two young women the questions in his mind begin to haunt him. When James finds himself falling for one of the women he becomes an unlikely hero and must fight to save the innocence and lives of both ladies.

I have been a loyal fan of For King and Country for five years and have been waiting for three of those years waiting for this movie to come out. I had seen many previews but they did not give the movie enough justice as to how deep and eye opening it would be. “Priceless” is not just your typical Christian movie where someone gets saved and praises Jesus. This film goes beyond the faith and shows that sex trafficking is alive and well in the United States. It shows the view man has on women has drastically changed so much that they will sell women nightly in order to earn some cash. This movie will make you cry and honestly consider how you view others. It makes you look within to how low one will go to satisfy themselves even though it may cost someone else their innocence.

This movie has moved quickly to the number one Indi film and it rightfully deserves it. It shares a story that needs to be shown to the world. It teaches women they have a voice and they are worth more than anything, that they are Priceless.

Emma Lehman is freshman broadcast media major. This review reflects the views of the author only.