FULL EFFORT: Audra Klopfenstein passes to a team as she fends off a defender. (photo provided by HU Athletics)
FULL EFFORT: Audra Klopfenstein passes to a team as she fends off a defender. (photo provided by HU Athletics)

The women’s soccer team’s season came to a close Oct. 22 following a double-overtime tie on senior day to Taylor. Both teams ended the match scoreless, as keeper Paige Coolman tallied eight saves.

The season, which ended in a 5-7-5 record, started off with a big change for the program, as the school had hired a new head coach, Amanda Burge.

“Our season was disappointing at first because we had to adjust to several new players as well as a new coach,” said Danielle Boxill, a sophomore midfielder.

Boxill said the schedule, which the previous coach had planned, included several back-to-back games at the start of the season. The demand of the schedule during a transition period wore out the team early, she said.

Boxill credits her team’s five ties, which all ended in long, double-overtime games, to the tough start.

The Foresters also tied, 1-1, Oct. 19 in their second-to-last game of the season on the road at #RV Marian. Sophomore Tessy Geiss scored HU’s lone goal in the match. Coolman collected ten saves in the match.

Boxill said the team’s defense, in particular, improved, which was demonstrated by Coolman’s play at the net. Her play proved key in the match at Marian, where she saved back-to-back Knight attempts at the 108-minute mark to maintain the tie as the time expired. Colman ended the season with the most saves in the conference, finishing with 90.

Entering the final Saturday of play for the Crossroads League, a combination of wins and losses across the conference would equate a post-season appearance for the Foresters. Unable to come up with a win, however, HU was shut out of the conference tournament.

“Overall, our season was a victory,” junior Toby Carman said. “We overcame so many struggles with injuries and adjusting to the new coaching staff. Tt was a tough season, but our team grew through our experiences on and off the field.” stated Toby Carman.

No matter the outcome, Carman said her team’s effort was consistent. The team’s motto for the year was ohana, the Hawaiian word for family.

“It sums up how we work,” she said. “I play on a team of sisters, and I know they always have my back. And I step on the field wanting to play because I know my family has my back. Regardless of the outcome, we are still the same team, and the game wouldn’t change that.”