Not often do you go to a festival and then come home and manage to replicate some of what you saw, this isn’t the case for Junior film student Aaron Hamilton however.

Hamilton went to the 2012 Mask-fest in Indianapolis. This festival is a big gathering of horror fans that show off masks that they’ve made as well as fans of mask.  Hamilton says

“I remember coming across a blood covered baseball bat and when I picked it up, it was 100% made out of foam. I was so impressed with that bat that I contemplated buying it. It was a little out of my price range so I settled with a bottle of fake latex and stage blood. “

Little did Hamilton know settling for the fake latex and stage blood would enter him into a world he would fall in love with. When he got back home from the festival he used what he bought and some of his Dad’s old makeup kit to create his very first burn.

(Photo provided)

Since then special effects makeup has grown from a hobby to a career choice. Hamilton just finished a “History of Horror” project. This project was a brief history of horror movies starting with the 1920 film The Cabinet of Dr. Caliagri and ending with The Conjuring 2. With each movie, he would create a makeup job that he saw fitting to the movie. He did this project because he wanted to show that horror films aren’t just blood and guts. He also did this big project because he wanted to challenge himself and test the limits to see just how far he could go with the materials he already has. Not only does Hamilton do make-up just for himself he also is very willing to help his classmates out in the film department with their senior films on campus.

As for Hamilton’s future in special effects make-up he would love to move out to LA and work for horror films, his dream job would be to work for HBO or MARVEL Studios. He doesn’t just want to do this for the fame however, he wants to use his gift in make-up as a way to evangelize to the horror community. Hamilton says

“God calls us to witness in different ways and I feel as though I am being called to witness to this community”

I encourage you to follow his journey on his Instagram page @aaronhamiltonmakeup. Hamilton did say he is also in the process of designing a website for his makeup.

“I want to get others interested and I hope my art work does this. Special effects makeup is starting to die out as computer generation is taking over. I hope that this craft stays alive as there really isn’t anything like it.”