Summer Photography Showcase

Amid summer-themed submissions, three stunning photos swept the competition


Rodeo Days

Krista Mounsey, a sophomore nursing major, won the photo competition with her submission titled “Rodeo Days.” This incredible action shot was taken while visiting her cousins in Virginia Beach. With her own interpretation of the summer theme, Mounsey captured the bright days and excitement that accompany the rodeo in the summer. Filled with anticipation and heat, this photo deservedly won the top spot.

12976698_10203996719117962_6939711501147271304_o.jpg Ventura Harbor


This stunning photo was captured by Diane Huntington Loring, at Ventura Harbor in California, where she lives. She is a junior psychology major and is pursuing her degree online. Coming in second place, this photo made us want to hop on a boat and sail away. The calming water in the foreground and the majestic mountains in the background  provide a picturesque seaside scene. With this classic vision of summer, this photo ran away with second place.


Rocky Escape

Coming in third, this photo by Gina Eisenhut, a junior journalism major, was taken at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Co. during her spring break. Captivated by this image, the Huntingtonian staff loved this landscape shot for its stunning lighting and array of colors. Perfectly framed, this photo captures the beauty of the North American West. Looking at this photo makes us want to road trip on out to Colorado and check it out for ourselves.

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