Dawn Ford (photo provided)
Rich Ford (photo provided)

Dawn Ford, associate professor of digital media arts, and Rich Ford, adjunct instructor of digital media arts, have made the decision to leave the university and fulfill teaching positions elsewhere after being a part of the university’s faculty since 2012

Prior to coming to the university, the Ford’s production company was based in San Diego, California, where Dawn attended grad school and also developed skills in teaching film and production. She was also a part-time adjunct at six different universities and colleges in southern California.

The university hired Dawn in 2012, but Rich stayed in San Diego for a year until making the decision to move to Huntington.

Some of Dawn’s career highlights include working as a broadcast engineer on NPR’s “All Things Considered,” in sound post-production at Lucasfilm on “Return of the Jedi” (1983), “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” (1984), “The Right Stuff” (1983) and more. She also holds an M.F.A in professonial screenwriting from National University in California, an M.A in television, film and media from San Diego State University and a B.A in radio, television and film from the University of Maryland. She has also done graduate work in movie business at the University of Southern California.

Rich has been working as a freelancer, and is an Emmy Award winning film and television editor and post-production supervisor. He has worked for numerous years in broadcast television series, documentaries, corporate communications, educational projects, narrative short films and commercials. He previously worked as senior editor for Chambers Productions located in Oregon. He has both edited and supervised post-production of 65 episodes of “Smart Gardening” (2004-07), along with projects for Chambers Productions.

“Rich also began teaching [and] editing classes as an adjunct instructor in DMA, and also supports student filmmakers as a post-production advisor,” Dawn said.

Although Dawn enjoys her work along with her fellow faculty and students, the distance between the Ford family has become “increasingly difficult.”

“Our grown daughter is married and lives in Osaka, Japan,” Rich said. “Our son, our siblings and other relatives and many friends live on the west coast. As the years go by, we find it harder to spend time with them while living here in Indiana.”

When the Ford’s saw a rare opportunity in Oregon, they decided to take it and move back to the west coast. Dawn will be an associate professor in the cinema and communications media department at George Fox University, located in Newburg, Oregon, and Rich will continue his free-lance post-production business.

Although the Ford’s are excited about the move, they said they will miss many things about the university.

“We will miss our students and colleagues, our many friends and the close knit community here at HU,” Dawn said. “We have enjoyed our lifestyle, living on acreage with our hobby farm projects, gardening and many film projects.”

The Ford’s said they are particularly fond of the DMA professors and staff, as well as the students who traveled to Japan with them.

“We look forward to staying in touch and hosting colleagues from HU if they visit George Fox for conferences, [etc.],” Dawn said.

The Fords said the years spent at the university will remain in their lights.

“Thank you for your grace and warm welcome to the HU community,” they said. “Please stay in touch and share your experience and artistic growth with us.”

Dawn will leave after graduation for the drive to Oregon. Rich will rejoin Dawn upon her arrival, but will be leaving on May 7 for business in San Diego.