The Student Government Association (SGA) will start the next academic school year off with three new members to the executive board and one returner.

Junior Panthelys Theodoracopoulos, currently the international representative, will return as the student body president. Junior Darius Hillman, currently one of the representatives-at-large, will return as vice president. Junior Lukas Kaylor, currently a commuter representative, will serve as the treasurer. Sophomore Paige Winans, current vice president, will return as the secretary.

Junior Logan Presell, current student body president, served on SGA two years prior to being elected as the student body president for the 2015-2016 academic school year. Though he is undecided about returning to SGA, he said he feels very blessed to have had the opportunity to serve the university as the student body president.

Post-election, Theodoracopoulos said he is very humbled to receive the new title.

“Going into this, I didn’t know what to expect,” he said. “I spent a lot of time talking to advisors, friends and family – but mostly God about it.”

Theodoracopoulos said he was thinking about running since last semester, but did not make the final decision until the day the petitions went out.

“After seeing all the positive feedback I was getting from other students, it really encouraged me to keep pursuing this position,” he said, “but most importantly to serve HU, despite the outcome of the elections.”

heodoracopoulos said he is a nervous about public speaking because English is not his native language. After letting the election sink it, however, he said he is is feeling “focused and goal-driven.”

Theodoracopoulos said there will be events and responsibilities for the Student Government Association to work on. As far as plans for next year, he said that his first action will not be to change anything, but to utilize current resources to “create conversation and take action about things that matter.”

“There is a lot going on in the world right now, and as student government, it is our responsibility to provide students with tools that will allow us to impact the world for Christ,” he said. “I am in the process of working out the details for the things I mentioned during speech night, so that most of those things are ready to go when we come back next semester.”

Theodoracopoulos also serves on the International Student Council as the international representative on SGA. He said he believes that being on ISC has taught him valuable skills that he can use as president, as well as how to “connect more with other international students and faculty members.” He plans to continue serving on ISC next year as the public relations representative.

Theodoracopoulos said he feels that being student body president is a “medium for him to serve the community.”

“I look forward to connecting with students,” he said. “Loving and serving everyone despite our differences, the way Jesus would.”