Sincerely, The Huntingtonian

Student body president— you are the representative of what our school embodies. You are the face of the many diverse backgrounds and stories that compile to create this community we call Huntington University. For one person, this is a large job, but despite it’s size, we believe that you are capable of doing it if you put your heart into it.

Each candidate comes into office with lofty goals that seem grand and great, yet can seem unachievable at times. As our student body president, we believe that you will do great things, these things that may seem too large, with grace and passion.

As a part of the student body, our goal for you is that you would be proactive in your position. We desire to have a two-way communication and know about the issues that SGA is dealing with. We want to feel even more comfortable voicing our opinions to you and trusting that something will be considered as a solution. We wish to see a greater impact of SGA on the way that the school’s day-to-day runs.

This school has seen new trials and problems arise in this past school year regarding race, equality and acceptance. These problems can be intimidating to anyone who steps into the scene of leadership amidst them, and we trust that you can handle this, bringing your own story into play to unite this campus and love students the way that Christ instucts us to.

Our campus mission is “Christ. Scholarship. Service.” These three things are what have gotten you to your position today. Becoming a student body president is not a simple task for just anyone. You have earned your positon and more so, have been placed in it for a purpose and a specific time. As the summer passes and the next school year arrives, remember that your position is not an accident and that you are equiped for it. You might make mistakes because you are human, but as a community we understand that nobody is perfect. The only perfection we can strive for is to follow the instruction that we find in 1 Corinthians 10:31 that says, “…whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

As you enter the new school year, remember this instruction. If you strive to do good and glorify God through it all, you will be a sucessful president.