ONE MAN TEAM: Jimmy runs his business solo in his one room shop.(Photo by Christian Herrera)
ONE MAN TEAM: Jimmy runs his business solo in his one room shop. (Photo by Christian Herrera)

Go from ordinary to extraordinary. With an incredible arsenal and variety of clippers, hair products and technique, Jimmy’s Barber Shop will give you what you want every single time.

The property, however, is nothing flashy and easy to miss. I drove past it twice while looking for it. The inside is nothing to brag about either. The floor tiles were damaged, the sitting area was practical but uncomfortable and the lighting was unreasonably dim. The only natural light available streamed from two small windows and the front door. The interior design adorns several posters and random artifacts, but none of it is particularly well-organized.

But we aren’t here for the aesthetics. We are here for the cut. The owner of the humble, sports-themed shop is talented beyond reason, providing services that extend from the perfect lineup to the fleekiest of eyebrows to the ultimate beard trim up. Looking to have the Colt’s logo shaped into the back of your head? How about racing stripes on your sideburns?  I don’t know why you would want to, but the point is that Jimmy’s your guy if you want the best.

If anything can attest to his popularity, it is the fact that he is constantly booked. I had to wait a week just to be fit into his schedule. And reasonably so. He has plenty of regulars, and he is conversational, which helps pass the time. Looking for a clean cut? Give Jimmy a call. And don’t forget to tip your barber!