NO MORE LOGOS: After his freshman year, RJ threw out his wardrobe and started anew. (Photo by Mark Lewandowski)

The Huntingtonian looked on campus this spring to identify some of the university’s best dressed and talked to them about their fashion and style. Senior Reneson Jean-Louis and sophomore Millie Smith answered our questions about current fashion trends and what to expect this spring.

Q: How would you describe your style?

RJ: My last day of finals freshman year, I gave all my clothes away and said, “I’m never going to wear logos again.” And I haven’t since. I buy my clothes from Zara, and it gives me a chance to express who I am rather than expressing a brand.

MS: I would really define my style as flexible. I don’t have a set style, and sometimes I try to do something that’s more edgy or something that’s more girly.

Q: What is your go-to item from your closet?

RJ: Here in the Midwest, it would be a black tee, a green bomber jacket, nice blue jeans and Chelsea boots. In Miami, I like to wear short-short beach shorts, linen shirts, and I like to wear leather sandals even though I like being barefoot.

MS: I have a pair of black boots with a little heel that I can wear all the time to class things up a bit, and I love black skinny jeans because you can dress them up or you can dress them down.

NO MORE LOGOS: After his freshman year, RJ threw out his wardrobe and started anew. (Photo by Mark Lewandowski)

Q: What do think is coming up this spring?

RJ: You can almost always predict this — floral patterns. I would say stripes are in. A lot of designers are pushing that. High-waisted shorts are becoming a seal-the-deal kind of thing.

MS: I think something that’s coming up is country chic. Floral flowing dresses and lace, denim on denim and this shabby chic look is something that’s fun for spring and summer.

Q: What do you think fashion means at Huntington?

RJ: I come from a place where girls start wearing heels at three. I can say that I appreciate the modesty about HU’s fashion. And I have really come to understand the differences in style. I think it’s awesome that girls and guys can have their different style — whether it’s slouchy, preppy, extravagant or flamboyant.

MS: Huntington falls along the lines of a lot of college institutions. People are busy, and they want to be cute, but they want to be casual.

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