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Charlie Puth’s debut album, “Nine Track Mind,” is for anyone wanting to shut out the busy world and lose themselves to poetry. Lyrics like “so much to do, and not enough time” and “so much to lose, I’m losing my mind” instantly relate to those going through the business of daily life.

The trait of being relatable is what is enticing about Puth. He doesnt feel untouchable or higher in social power. We are all able to empathize with Puth, allowing us to fully understand and feel the power of his lyrics.

In his song Left Right Left, Puth sings about moving forward through the tough times and not giving up.  Lyrics like “tough times, I just take them in stride motivate the listener to take on daily struggles one step at a time. It is this encouragement and positive message that separates Puth from other artists in todays music industry.

From being a cover artist on YouTube to dominating talk shows and music charts, there isn’t anything Charlie Puth can’t do. By the end of the first song from Charlie Puth’s debut album, “Nine Track Mind, tears were streaming down my face. This album is full of passion, life, motivation, encouragement and love. This album has been on repeat since I pre-ordered it, putting it at the top of my recommendations list. 

Charlie Puth is undoubtedly an artist we will find topping charts in the near future.

Cody Melin is a junior broadcast fusion media major. This review reflects the views of the author only.