Justin Bieber’s new CD ‘Purpose’ redeems his image of maturity. (Photo provided)

Within the first 30 seconds of his latest album, “Purpose” (2015), Justin Bieber showcases the vocal maturity he underwent during his three-year hiatus.

Bieber has matured in his audience as well. He is not simply the pre-teen pop star who attracts middle school girls anymore — he’s now the love of many college women, and some men, across the states. This album isn’t just for the girl who has him plastered on her wall — it is for the baseball player, the soccer star, the biology major and the RA. “Purpose” has no limitations or boundaries. “Purpose” is for anyone.

As a “Belieber” from the very start, I could not wait for the release of this album. The past three years have no doubt been rough for the 21-year-old Canadian pop singer. “Purpose” feels like a direct response to the controversy and rough patches of Bieber’s hiatus hijinks. I am not saying that the album is a contrived effort by an effective PR staff, but that it was strategically produced in a way that allows Bieber to apologize to fans without a written statement or press conference.

With lyrics such as “I’m the only one to blame” and “Is it too late now to say sorry,” one is able to see the genuine apology he has for his antics. This album has come out at a perfect time, when dance albums and pop music are what the audience is asking for. As someone who constantly has Spotify playing in the background, I want to be able to “feel” the music and get an understanding of the artist in the process. “Purpose” is just that. It’s more than an album. It gives purpose to the artist. It is an apology to the fans, a message to the press and an album for the top of the charts.

Justin Bieber, I thank you for this album, and I thank you for the devotion you have to your fans.

5/5 stars

Cody Melin is a junior film production major. This review reflects the writer only.