Four new resident meal plans were introduced this year without Student Government Association’s consideration, Logan Presnell, president of the student body, said.

“SGA did not have any substantial input into the [meal plan] changes that were made last spring,” Presnell said. “Nothing was ever presented, voted on or asked of our representatives. In fact, most were not aware of these changes until the new meal plan options were handed out during registration weekend last April.”

All current resident meal plans reset early morning Friday and include $50 Flex Dollars per semester (which can be used on campus, in the HUB and the DC). Meals do not roll over week to week. Logan said miscommunication in negotiations with the university resulted in the inability to swipe more than once for all plans except A1.

SGA is currently taking steps to change this for the spring. The association considered three meal plan concerns they believed are most important to students. 1) students should be able to swipe for others whenever they want, 2) students should not be limited on the swipes they use per day and 3) students should have a more suitable plan between five and fifteen meals per week.

“As an organization striving to be a catalyst for relevant change on campus, Student Government Association is very aware of students’ concerns regarding the current meal plans,” Presnell said.

He said SGA is “doing everything possible” to make these changes available by fall 2016.