Jaclyn Van Duzer, co-head of Fermata NoWhere
Jaclyn Van Duzer, co-head of Fermata NoWhere

Starting an all-female acapella group has been a dream long in the making for Jaclyn Van Duzer, a junior ministry major and founder of the new acapella group, Fermata NoWhere.

As a freshman, Van Duzer decided on a whim to audition for the mixed acapella group on campus, Green 519. From that point on, she was transfixed by the newly discovered world of acapella performance.

Van Duzer, however, soon realized that she wanted something different – something new to be a part of. One day, an idea took hold of her, and she decided she wanted to create an all-female acapella group that would sing a wide variety of music.

“I just got my mind set on it … and so I chose [that] this was the year,” Van Duzer said. “I’m a junior – I’ve got to do it now.”

When it came to choosing a name for her group, it was not hard for her. She used word play on a term that in the world of music means “to hold the note until your director cuts you off.”

“We are literally coming out of nowhere,” she said. Van Duzer repeatedly expressed her excitement about this new school year and what opportunities it may hold for Fermata NoWhere. Given the natural skill set of the current group members, Van Duzer said that the possibilities of song choices are almost endless. Some of these vocal skill sets include R&B, gospel, acoustic, country, soul and Christian contemporary.

Right now, Van Duzer and the rest of the group members are working on solidifying three performances for this semester. Van Duzer also hopes that Fermata NoWhere will be able to create a set of entirely worship music and tour various churches in the area.

Van Duzer said she would like to combine forces with the Treblemakers, the all-male acapella group on campus, for a few performances throughout the year as well.

Josh White, one of the returning members of the Treblemakers, said he is open to the idea of collaborating, in some way, with Fermata NoWhere.

“I am really looking forward to seeing what they can do and how we can intermix,” White said.

After so long with only an all-male or mixed acapella group on campus, White said he is looking forward to the new opportunities this will provide for women.

“[I am] happy that there is going to be an avenue for the girls to do … what we do,” he said. Van Duzer echoes White’s enthusiasm for the group. “[I am] so excited to even be a part of this group … where [we can] all come together and worship God in a way that is really cool and really different,” she said.

Auditions for the final members of Fermata NoWhere were held on Thursday night, September 17. The group has been chosen and Van Duzer is excited about the possibilities to come.