Chapel gets re-vamped with Vespers

Vespers replaces Ekklesia three out of four times a month. The service will be student-led.

ChapChapVespers, an elective chapel credit opportunity, replaced Ekklesia this year. Ekklesia will now be hosted the last Wednesday of every month.

Similar to Divine Hours, Vespers services focus on worship, scripture reading and prayer with no sermon, Arthur Wilson, campus pastor, said. The worship is a combination of classic hymns and contemporary worship songs. University graduates Kenny Plisco and Ye Ri Lee will be leading worship, with Plisco on guitar and vocals and Lee on violin. Services also include student-led scripture readings and prayer between songs.

Each week will take on a different format.

“The one thing about Vespers that is going to help us stand out from Divine Hours is that it’s not predictable,” Wilson said.

Sophomore Kaylie Killian, a Vespers coordinator, said Vespers will attempt to satisfy every student’s worship style.

“Everything’s gonna be different every time,” Killian said. “Hopefully we can incorporate a little bit of everybody’s style.”

Sophomore Paige Winans said while she enjoys the full-band worship session with Joyful Noise during Tuesday and Thursday chapels, she is excited for the relaxed worship style during Vespers services.

“I like new things,” Winans said. “I like the informal worship that engages you. It’s cozy.”

Wilson said he wants students to be a part of the services out of their own desire to be with God. He said he hopes Vespers services will allow students to actively engage in spiritual disciplines — to support their spiritual growth without becoming routine.

“I think sometimes we’ve gotten very set in some of our format and structure that it becomes predictable,” Wilson said. “We want the encounter with God to not be predictable but have some level of spontaneity to it.”

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