The admissions office will move to Livingston basement. The plan was discussed two years ago, but donors were unable to pledge at the time.

“There are two major opportunities here,” President Sherilyn Emberton, Ed.D., said. “We desperately need a community space for students outside of the library and PLEX.”

In the 70s, the space in the lower HUB was made for students to relax and spend time together. Over the years, however, the space was turned into the bookstore, the financial aid office and the admissions office.

The university would like to bring that student space back.

Current funds, however, will only cover the costs of moving the admissions office. Emberton said there is little space visitors have access to, and many parents of prospective students have commented on the “poor location and dated presentation of the current space.”

“After the senior leadership team visited several of our schools that share many cross applications with HU for prospective students,” Emberton said, “we have determined our admissions area did not have as highly visible a space on campus, nor as modern space as many of these institutes.”

Livingston basement is an ideal location for the admissions office because of its accessibility, Emberton said. Several departments on campus are being relocated for the transfer of the admissions office.

“The ERC has been relocated to the student services offices upstairs in the HUB,” she said. “The Huntingtonian will be reestablished in the lower level of Meadows.”

A total of $50,000 has been allocated to move offices, refashion work spaces, and begin designing the lower-level of the HUB for student space. Emberton said the university has been “setting aside monies at regular intervals.” Six months worth of thought was put into the idea, while the university discussed the areas that would get the most use out of the renovations.

“It should help us make a better impression with prospective students,” Emberton said, “and begin the transition and emptying out of the downstairs of the HUB so we can look to the future for how to open this space best for student use.”

According to Emberton, renovating the HUB was rated first on the list of most important projects on the University’s Facilities Master Plan. In order for this to become a reality, the university needed both student and alumni input.

Jerry Gressley, director of physical plant, said maintenance was told that the renovations need to be completed before Oct. 2-3. However, some may not be completed until after those dates. Gressley and his crew were only informed about the renovations this semester.

“Admissions should be in their new offices by then,” Gressley said. “It’s quite a domino effect on several groups of staff and students.”

Gressley said that the renovations will make it easier for campus visitors to find admissions, which could, in turn, benefit the campus.