OPINION: The truth shall make you free

In his last opinion piece, editor-in-chief Jared Huhta explains the importance of the phrase "The truth shall make you free."

Jared Huhta (Photo provided)
Jared Huhta (Photo provided)

I’ve worked on 22 issues of the Huntingtonian, given up 72 days from my weekends to design it and have written over 100 articles for this silly old newspaper.

But now, after four years on staff, this is my last issue.

I joined the Huntingtonian November 2011 as a young, immature freshmen after originally being rejected for a column that was “too religious.” Luckily, I was hired as the Design Editor even though my resume was a bunch of paragraphs explaining why I was such a good person. Throughout the next three years, I had the privilege of working with so many amazing people who made the grueling hours of design weekend so much more enjoyable.

The editor-in-chiefs I worked with were fantastic individuals, and I would be remiss if I did not mention them in this column. Shelly Bradbury taught me how to properly manage the newspaper, and Jessi Hooley taught me how you can still be best friends with your staff members even though you are, well, their boss. I am also thankful for the amazing work that was done way before I became a Forester to ensure the Huntingtonian was a professional, high-quality and fair newspaper.

But why did I work on the staff, especially when it has little to do with my actual major, and it took up hours of my time?

Because the truth shall make you free.

If that slogan sounds familiar, it’s because it’s found on the official Huntington University emblem. For the last four years, I’ve tried to base my journalistic and academic efforts on that slogan.

Was this story too controversial for the newspaper?

Maybe, but the truth shall make you free.

Did anybody really care about this coverage? Probably not, but the truth shall make you free.

Do people need to read this review? Nah, but the truth shall make you free.

This is a phrase that I will use once I graduate from the university May 16. As an education major, my students need truth, and I will encourage them to seek truth in everything we study. In the workplace, my future marriage and my potential parenthood, I will live by this slogan.

So after four years on the Huntingtonian staff, I would like to thank every newspaper staff member and advisers who have worked with me and put up with me. Thank you to the university professors for their encouragement and criticism. Thank you to the university administration for being as open as possible and respecting the independence of the Huntingtonian.

May we all continue to live our lives based on such an important concept – seeking truth in everything we do.

The truth shall make you free.

Jared Huhta is a senior history education major. He can be reached at huhtaj@huntington.edu. This column reflects the views of the writer only.

(Emblem provided)
(Emblem provided)

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